Make the most out of your Instagram account with our in-depth analytics tool. Get access to metrics on your recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, and a history of your posts broken down into year, month, day, and hour. Get more insights on your communities’ preferences and interests, and what drives engagement. squarelovin even shows you your best and worst times to post. Anything else to ask for?



Active users are what matters on Instagram. Our analytics eliminate the noise and provide you with information about your audience. You will receive insights into your account’s growth, you can track likes and followers, review post performance and interactions with your followers.



Don’t count the number of your followers - pay attention to the engagement! Our analysis tool allows you to check when your posts are best received by your fans. So you have the best chance to interact with them and increase the engagement of your account.



When is the best time to share images? When do you get the most interaction? Which are the best filters and hashtags to use? squarelovin analyzes your entire post history to offer insights ons how you can optimize your account.