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Kerbholz is a German brand of wodden glasses, sunglasses and watches. Ever since the brand’s foundation, Kerbholz was eager to approach marketing strategies from a customer-oriented perspective. Due to a need for expressive and individual imagery, Kerbholz was eager to incorporate user-generated content into their marketing and e-commerce channels. The brand chose to work with squarelovin to support purchase decisions with authentic images that lived up to the product’s and material’s pote...

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Boost Your E-commerce With User-Generated Content – Our UGC E-Commerce Guide offers a wide overview and explanation of the way UGC influences e-commerce and how the latter benefits from it. This report is a reference point to get a deep understanding of the emergence of User-Generated Content and how it affects customers and therefore brands. Approaching User-Generated Content from a strategic point of view, this guide explains how UGC serves as a supportive and enriching measurement to upgrad...

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The Holiday Marketing Guide focuses on marketing strategies during the holiday season. The report serves as a reference point for businesses and brands during the primetime of commerce and marketing. It offers insights into possible variations of holiday campaigns and addresses important guidelines to be aware of. The main focus of this report are aspects of online marketing strategies due to the impact the digital world has on the way customers search for products and buy them. The online strat...

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This UGC Guide is focused on strategies that will help you generate more diverse and better User-generated Content. The main objective is to offer you five specific guidelines that will ultimately increase the amount and quality of the UGC you receive. These guidelines focus on different aspects of your Instagram account and its workings. This includes the overall interaction with your community on Instagram and other platforms that contribute to the generation of UGC. Important topics concernin...

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PAUL HEWITT is a German watch manufacturer that extended its assortment to bracelets and other accessories. The brand was presented with a large variety of User-generated Content, especially on Instagram. After realizing the potential this had for marketing purposes and their brand in general, PAUL HEWITT decided to work with squarelovin. The brand chose to use squarelovin to ensure they were making the most of the UGC they received while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of their mana...

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The Basic Guide will present you with guidelines and tips for a successful Instagram Account. It will provide you with all necessary information regarding the creation of an account and content management. This includes a summary of all the different kinds of content and what categorizes them. Each of them is connected to examples you can use as an inspiration for your own content. The guide also focuses on possible ways to optimize your account, especially concerning content management and the ...

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