Turn user-generated content into your most powerful brand asset

Use authentic content from real people that provides inspiration,
social proof and trust on every channel. With squarelovin you
encourage engagement and ROI like never before!

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Leverage social content in
your e-commerce to drive revenue

85% of consumers find UGC more influential than brand content! Cut through
the noise and focus on meaningful content.

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"Our fans and customers trust each other! So why shouldn`t we? We were aware of the power and great quality of User-Generated Content, however had problems to use it efficiently in terms of time, costs, and legal issues. With squarelovin we can leverage all its benefits and simultaneously pay tribute to our wonderful supporters!". Philipp Gloth, CEO of PAUL HEWITT

How it works


Gather all the User-Generated Content that mentions your brand in one place.


Receive essential media usage right with one click and get feedback on the go!


Effortlessly link your favorite pictures to products and make them “shoppable”.


Fuel all your marketing channels with content that drives engagement.


Analyze and track clicks, conversions and the revenue individual pictures generate.

Success Stories

3.3x Conversion Rate Increase
85.6% of all Media Right Requests were accepted
26.1% Increase in Average Order Value
16.3% Sales that interacted with UGC

Why squarelovin

All Channels

Display visual content on all relevant marketing channels, resulting in increased traffic, revenue and conversions.

Visual insights

Get advanced insights on all content, products, and contributors, enabling you to surface the highest performing assets.

Fast Integration

All we need is 30 minutes of your time, then you’re good to go! Say yes - we take care of the rest!

Individual Layout

A variety of galleries and designs enables you to display content in perfect alignment with your brand’s image and vision.

Be on the safe side

Get proper media usage rights to include UGC in all your marketing activities - online and offline.

Brand Awareness

Acknowledge customer photos and build rapport by interacting with your fans through our platform.


Feel free to check out our knowledge section! Find new ideas, strategies and tips to bring your visual marketing and Instagram to the next level.