Through the integration of the story function within the social network Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg made a clear statement. After Facebook offered Snapchat a 3-billion-dollar cash offer in 2013 that Snapchat respectfully declined, the CEO of Facebook is now taking concrete countermeasures.

Through the new update of Instagram, he is obviously trying to eliminate Snapchat as a competitor. The update of the story function speaks for itself. Just like on Snapchat, the user is able to upload painted photos or videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

The opinions towards the update are fragmented, some users criticize the miss of typical Snapchat functions like the face- or geo-filter. Nonetheless, the update is extensively accepted and it is to be expected that a few Snapchatters are going to switch to Instagram.


Instagram is registering an active user basis of 300 million daily, while Snapchat only has 150 million. Consiting of younger people in particular. And the amount of users is only one benefit that Instagram has up his sleeve:
  • #Community: With Instagram, the user has an existing community behind the account, that is able to watch his or her story. Soon, popular stories or stories that fit to your user behavior are going to be published within the explore function. When it comes to Snapchat, the process is quite complicated. In order to add friends, you need to connect with them through a phone number, the username or a code.
  • #Advertising: Especially for companies, Instagram developed into a great marketing platform. Current statistics from 2016 show that nearly one in two US companies is using Instagram as a marketing channel. One reason is the classical timeline within the app, that makes integrating advertisements more easily than into the Snapchat messenger.
  • #Data: Facebook and Instagram are hosting a large amount of data and through their algorithm, enable companies to address specific target groups and to analyze data.  Snapchat on the other hand does not have detailed profiles of its users.
  • #Connection: Instagram is connecting the high quality timeline with ephemeral stories and therefore gives the users added value. Furthermore, the design of the story function as well as the insights who has seen your story, are significantly clearer and more user-friendly.


And this time, Mark Zuckerberg’s plans might come true. For years he has been trying to imitate Snapchat, without success. In 2012, he published an app called Poke, that enabled users to send pictures among each other, that are afterwards deleting themselves. After a few months, the product was withdrawn from the market. In 2013, he tried to buy Snapchat, but the purchase was respectfully declined. The app Slingshot as a concurrent to Snapchat in 2014 was not even published. With the help of Instagram, Zuckerberg could be able to reach the breakthrough now.


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