The fact that Instagram is important and highly influential has been very well established by now. This is often explained with a variety of reasons such as the number of users or the connection between social media usage and the impact it has on purchasing decisions or other kinds of behavior. As a brand, business or service Instagram is indeed surely important due to these reasons also. But other facts and statistics are even more meaningful. We have gathered some of the most important ones for you.

Let’s start with the basics

Instagram has been on the market for six years now and managed to grow into the second largest social network worldwide. 500 million people worldwide use the app at least once a month, 300 million users actively use Instagram each day. These numbers alone show how large the audience for your content is and how many users you can potentially reach with the images and videos you share. To give you some perspective: all-time runner Facebook currently has 1,71 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 320 million monthly active users and Snapchat has 150 million daily active users. So besides Facebook, Instagram has more active users than the other social networks.


Each day, Instagram users share more than 95 million photos and videos. This means, one in three people share an image each day which shows a definite willingness to share insights of their personal lives or as a brand, to share insights into the workings of the brand. Users like content 4.2 billion times each day. If you relate this to the number of daily active users, this would mean each of the 300 million active users likes 14 images each day. This is a rather high interaction rate, which is another benefit of Instagram, especially for brands and businesses.

Speaking of Business

Businesses, brands and services make up a great deal of the active Instagram users. Shortly after releasing the option to share advertisements, Instagram stated that 500.000 advertisers made use of the feature, offering insights into how many businesses are active on Instagram. For most industries, being active on Instagram is definitely advisable as large amounts of Instagram users themselves follow brands. Instagram has stated that 50% of active users follow businesses, while 60% of users learn about new products and services on Instagram. Even more important for brands and businesses is the fact that 75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a brand’s content. Meaning, they visit the website, search for the product or actually buy it after being offered brand content. The potential Instagram has for brands is therefore obvious and should not be left unfulfilled.

Who are the Instagrammers?

Due to the sheer endless amount of Instagram users, surveying them to learn about their demographics is an almost impossible mission. Still, some surveys were able to conduct demographics for the user base. The main age group on Instagram is quite young, with at least 35% of Instagrammers between the ages of 16 and 24.


As shown in the infographic, older age groups make up less of Instagram’s user base. But in relation to the large amounts of users overall, it is still a large amount of different age groups that can be reached with Instagram content. Regarding the fact that most brands and businesses on Instagram usually try to connect with younger age groups anyway, knowing that almost two thirds of Instagram users are under 35 is a great basis for interactions and engagement that are targeting higher conversions and brand loyalty.

What are they looking for?

Besides the obvious motivations to share insights of your own daily life and stay in touch with friends, Instagram is often used for lifestyle-related purposes. Lifestyle in this sense is not just fashion and accessories but in the case of Instagram also very often aspects of nutrition, fitness, décor and interior designs and just as much travel, adventure and experiences. In short: Instagram is used for inspiration and research regarding most aspects of life. Brands need to be aware of the high potential Instagram has for their product marketing.


53% of Instagrammers follow brands or services, while 44% of Instagrammers actively use the app for brand and product research. In both cases, these figures are highest across all other social media channels. Regarding e-commerce and product promotion these numbers are very important. Especially millennials (those between ages 18 and 32) use Instagram for these specific reasons: 6 in 10 millennials are on Instagram and almost 35% of those on Instagram follow brands or services.