After weeks of maintenance we are happy to announce we finally updated our website which will now include a “knowledge”-section. This section will provide you with Whitepapers, Case Studies and Reports regarding our own product and all aspects of Instagram, User-generated Content and Visual Commerce. The section is located at the top right corner of our website.

How it works

To receive further insights into pending topics and the possibilities our product offers, we will offer a variety of whitepapers and case studies. The files are available on our website A short description will offer a quick introduction into the topic of each file. If you feel like this is of use to you, you can quickly download any of the available files. You can choose whether you want to receive the report in English or German. The whitepaper will be sent to an e-mail address of your choice, regardless of whether you already have an account or not. The download is not limited, you can therefore download the same file using the same e-mail address multiple times.

Ready for Download

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new section on our website, we have prepared three whitepapers and reports that are ready for you to download. This includes the Instagram Basic Guide, a Case Study for our long-time customer PAUL HEWITT and the report on How to get more UGC. All three files are available in English and German.

The Instagram Basic Guide will offer you guidelines and tips for a successful Instagram when you are a brand or business. This report’s main objective is to introduce you to basic workings and functions of Instagram and how to make ideal use of them for your corporate Instagram account. The report addresses all important matters regarding the creation of an account, account and content management as well as the interaction with your community. Further chapters include the additional features Instagram offers and strategies to optimize your account overall. The Basic Guide will serve as a manual for the creation and maintenance of a successful and rewarding Instagram account for your business or brand, offering insights into all important functions and features.

To offer further information and insights into the workings of our tool squarelovin, we conducted a Case Study for our customer PAUL HEWITT. The German watch manufacturer chose to work with squarelovin due to wanting to make the most out of the User-generated Content they received while simultaneously increasing effectiveness of their UGC management. The partnership proved to be very successful, as PAUL HEWITT experienced obvious improvements in the way the brand could interact with and manage UGC. This was connected to high increases in conversion rates and the reinforcement of brand loyalty.

Our report “How to get more UGC” addresses broader concepts of digital marketing as well as social media marketing. The main focus point of this report is the generation of increased amounts of UGC that is of high quality and more diverse. The guide offers five specific strategies that should serve as guidelines for your own social media and online marketing strategies that are connected to the creation of UGC. The guidelines address basic workings and functions of your brand’s Instagram profile but also your other online and offline strategies, such as newsletters and websites. Use these guidelines to improve the quality and amount of UGC you receive and can ultimately use for all marketing purposes of your choice.

Our team will continuously invest time and effort to provide you with new reports regarding important subjects to ensure you are up to date. In case you feel like a certain subject is missing, we are always happy about any new suggestions you might have. Feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions you might have.

Make sure to check our website regularly as we will be publishing new whitepapers, guides and case studies continuously!