Instagram conducted studies that support the power of Instagram for tech related brands. Their findings offer definite proof that Instagram does indeed help tech brands to reach their audiences and attract new customers. Additionally, it became clear that users are explicitly looking for tech-related content of all kinds on the platform.

Many insights that are shared about brands successfully using Instagram to advertise their own products, highlight fashion and lifestyle brands. Contrary to popular belief, Instagram is a valuable marketing asset for many other industries as well. To prove this, Instagram itself has put larger focus on successful campaigns from different industries. One of these regards the sales force of Instagrammers who use their mobile devices to shop for technology. The user statistics proved that technology brands can attract new customers and convince them to buy products online through their Instagram accounts.

Key Findings

To begin with, Instagram took general interest into their users’ interest of buying products via mobile devices. Out of the surveyed users, 66% stated that they were indeed interested in shopping on mobile. This statistic by itself proves that for one, the sales force of mobile commerce is growing and not to be underestimated. Secondly, it shows that mobile advertising needs to grow and is a valuable asset.

Aiming at supporting the power of Instagram as an advertising platform itself, the studies took a closer look at the correlations of Instagrammers who user their phone to shop for electronic products. 69% of those stated that their own mobile commerce is continuously growing. This means that Instagrammers are becoming more and more inclined to purchase tech products with their mobile devices. This will to some extent be the cogency of social media marketing and digital marketing. It seems only reasonable that Instagrammers who use the platform to research products on their mobile devices do indeed purchase them with the same device.

Tech-related brands on Instagram

Instagram also took a closer look at the general connection between tech-related accounts and the app’s users. Out of those users who follow tech-related accounts, 56% were male and 44% were female. The largest age group along Instagrammers who follow tech related accounts are 25 to 34 year olds. This demographic is older than the average Instagrammer. Their using behavior of the app is fairly strong. Users who follow tech-accounts are active on the platform every day of the week and month. Tech-inclined Instagrammers use the platform to share their tech experiences with others. This highlights the relevance of peer recommendations and reviews for tech-related purchases.

In regards of their own followers and the accounts they follow they are above average as well. Tech-inclined users follow up to 2,6 times more accounts than the average Instagrammer – whether these are all tech-related or now has not been studied but could be a possible explanation. On the other side of this, they are able to generate more followers for themselves as well. Tech-inclined users have around two times more followers than the average user. It could be possible that this is due to mutual interest of those who share their own experiences but are looking for others and their opinions as well.

Implications of these findings

What brands and businesses from the tech industry can take away from these findings has wide implications for advertising and consumer engagement. First of all, the general importance of Instagram should not be underestimated. Ensure you share meaningful and helpful content on your corporate Instagram account as users are clearly interested in these kinds of content. Additionally, these Instagrammers are obviously looking for reviews and experiences written/explained by actual consumers. Brands need to be able to satisfy this need on their own channels: integrate UGC, display reviews and ratings and enable customer interaction. Listen to what your followers, other users and customers are telling you and adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly.