A study conducted by quintly researched the correlation between use of emojis and interaction on Instagram. The findings prove that emojis encourage higher rates of interaction. All important statistics from the study are presented below.

Social media analytics provider quintly released the findings from their Instagram Emoji Study. During all of 2016, quintly analyzed Instagram profiles and their usage of emojis. The study included 20.000 Instagram profiles and 6.2 million shared posts on the photo-sharing platform. The study’s main focus was to analyze correlation between the use of emojis and changes in interaction rates. The overall findings offer definite proof that the inclusion of emojis into Instagram posts does indeed raise interaction rates. These are the most important findings.

Continuous Rise in Use of Emojis

Emojis express feelings, underline the message and are an additional way of delivering meaning on Instagram. They are omnipresent on social media channels in general and Instagram in particular. The relevance and importance of emoji was supported in the study. Out of the 20.000 analyzed corporate Instagram accounts, 56% used emojis. And the rate keeps growing. The statistics included in quintly’s study show that the use of emojis on Instagram is indeed continuously growing. Regardless of the account’s size, over the course of the year, the use of emojis increased. The average use of emojis increased by 19.02% during 2016. These are very important changes. Tey prove that emojis are indeed a relevant form of communication on Instagram. The graphic below offers insights into the change in use of emojis according to account size.

statistik emojis 1

In terms of the actual number of posts including emojis, image and video posts share almost same amount of emojis. In fact, 27% of all video posts and 28% of all image posts included emojis in 2016. Over a fourth of all 6 million analyzed pieces of content included an emoji. This means more than 1,6 million posts included an emoji. That is indeed quite a lot.

Emojis Increase the rate of interaction

An explanation was searched, as to why the use of emojis kept rising. And an explanation was indeed found. quintly’s findings showed that posts with emojis receive higher levels of interaction. The interaction rate for a post without emojis is 1.77. A post with emojis will have an interaction rate of 2.07. That is an increase of 17%. For interaction on social media channels this figure is remarkable in two ways. Firstly, it is remarkable that such a small thing like an emoji can make such a large difference. The effect one small icon can have on social media users is astonishing. Secondly, it shows us that great things can be achieved simply by adding an emoji to your caption. Findings like these are highly relevant for marketers responsible for account growth and interaction growth on Instagram.

statistik emoji 2

What is important to highlight regarding the rate of interaction, is the fact that it grows with the use of emojis, regardless of the amount of followers an account has. The absolute rate of interaction happening under a post keeps growing with the use of emojis, even if accounts have more than 10 million followers. The smallest increase is still at 26% which is an astonishing figure already. Accounts between 10k and 100k in followers experience an increase of almost 45%. For future Instagram content, this is highly relevant.

Top 10 Emojis

quintly also took a look at the most used emojis on Instagram. Here is the overview.

statistik emojis 3

quintly noticed that holidays influence the favorite emojis. Around Christmas or Halloween for example, seasonal emojis grow in relevance and are therefore found under the most used emojis.


Coverphoto: unsplash.com/andrehunter