A few weeks ago, Instagram released a new feature on their app (Read More): users can now, quite similar to snapchat, upload photos and videos beside their regular posts into their story. After 24 hours the upload disappears. Filters, signs and texttools enable the user to edit the pictures individually. The update triggered a lot of controversial discussions throughout the social network. The snapchat followers criticized the update as a copy and a scant creative idea.

Now, Instagram is planning to go a step further by integrating the story function within the explore area, revealed a spokesperson of Instagram to mashable. Like this, the social network connects the new function with the suggestions of other user accounts that already works with normal pictures and videos. The proposed suggestions are chosen by the individual interest of the user as well as the contacts. Furthermore, popular stories are going to be suggested as well.

In Zukunft könnte der Explore-Bereich bei Instagram auch Stories vorschlagen. Quelle: InstagramIn the near future, Instagram Stories could be suggested within the explore area. Source: Instagram


Cover Photo: Kalen Emsley