Hardly any other event provides more room to present costly produced commercial campaigns in advance. In two days, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are over. But there are a few social media campaigns by companies that are already standing out from the crowd. More and more companies are using this colorful environment to promote their products and brand ambassadors directly. Take a look at our favorites!

#1 Diesel #victoryisforthebrave

The Italian fashion label Diesel exclusively designed a limited T-Shirt with the hashtag #victoryisforthebrave for the Olympic Games. This shirt was handed out to Brazilian influencers , among others the model Lola Gleich or Kadu Dantas, who were then posting content with the official hashtag.

Diesel postet auf dem Unternehmens-Account ein Bild von Kadu Dantas, der das limitierte T-Shirt für die Olympischen Spiele trägt. Quelle: Instagram/diesel

Diesel posted a picture of Kadu Dantas wearing the limited edition T-Shirt for the Olympic Games on their Business Account. Source: Instagram/diesel

What impressed us with this campaign? Diesel slightly adapted and customized their well-known slogan “only the brave” just as they designed a limited edition piece exclusively for the Olympic Games. An idea that fits perfectly to the brand image of Diesel. Furthermore, involving popular influencers it is a perfect promotion tool for a social media campaign.


#2 Adidas #speedtakes

Especially for the Olympic Games, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas sent six chosen Instagram Influencers from all over the world to Rio, to keep their followers on track with personal posts – taking place in stylish Adidas outfits. Among them the German model Lena Gercke, the German blogger Caro Daur, the British actress and fitness blogger Adriene Mishler, the Brazilian model Rachel Apollonio, the Brazilian actress Kéfera Buchmann as well as the Swedish fitness and lifestyle blogger Faya Nilsson. The final touch was the collective training with the tennis legend and long-standing brand ambassador Steffie Graf, which was of course spread all over their channels with the fitting hashtags.

Model Lena Gercke auf ihrem Weg nach Rio im Flugzeug. Quelle Instagram/lenagercke

Model Lena Gercke in the plane on her way to Rio. Source: Instagram/lenagercke

#squadgoals: alle Influencer von Adidas vereint zum Tennistraining bei Steffi Graf. Quelle Instagram/fitnessontoast

#squadgoals: all Influencers of Adidas united for a collective training with Steffi Graf. Source: Instagram/fitnessontoast

What impressed us in with campaign? With a diversity of Influencers from different countries and sectors, Adidas is addressing a large public with different target groups, adding variety to the brand image.


#3 Edeka #ReiffürRio (readyforRio)

Our number 3: the retail network Edeka was sending the German actress and social media influencer Janina Uhse, as well as, the TV cook Tarik Rose for their campaign “ReiffürRio” to the Brazilian capital. They were discovering the culinary site of Rio, posting high quality videos on Facebook. Both of them competing with each other in food challenges, while Edeka is posting a diversity of culinary dishes on their Instagram account. Furthermore, the German gymnast and Olympic athlete Marcel Nguyen is the recent testimonial of the brand.

Auf ihrem Instagram-Account postet Janina Uhse Bilder von der Food Challenge. Quelle: Instagram/janinauhse

Janina Uhse is posting images of the food challenge on her Instagram account. Source: Instagram/janinauhse

Der Turner Marcel Nguyen ist ab sofort das neue Edeka-Testimonial. Quelle: Facebook/Marcel Nguyen

From now on, the gymnast Marcel Nguyen is the new testimonial of Edeka. Source: Facebook/Marcel Nguyen

What impressed us with this campaign? Edeka is not only connecting Instagram and Facebook within one social media campaign, but also unites the most different target groups through Janina Uhse and Tarik Rose.

Cover Photo: Unsplash