A new wave of functions is rolling around today. Focusing on the interaction on Instagram, users can now manage the communication happening under their posts. They can like and directly reply to comments from now on. Additionally, comments can be turned off entirely for certain posts.

Instagram’s latest development has been largely focused on offering new features and including as many new options as possible. Most of the time this did not revolve around the optimization of existing features but instead Instagram was obviously longing to include further formats to minimize the advantages other platforms have. The best example was the introduction of Instagram Stories which for the most part are the same as Snapchat’s format. Now, Instagram has redirected their updates towards their existing features. This week’s update is aiming at the control of interactions and conversations happening on Instagram. Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom stated in a personal blog post that the new features are supposed to “keep people safe” on the platform.

In September, Instagram launched a keyword filter for comments, already trying to help users control and manage the conversations happening on their accounts. Users can add keywords that the app will automatically detect for them. In case comments are left under their posts that include these keywords, they are automatically deleted. Since then, it has been rather quiet regarding account management and control. Today’s update is once again focusing on this important aspect. As the comments left under pictures and videos make up the most of the conversation happening on Instagram, further developments and optimizations regarding this matter are highly important long over-due.

Liking, Disabling and Directly Replying to Comments

The first new function is aiming at a more positive community, in the form of showing more appreciation. From now on, users can like comments that were left under any picture. This way, users can interact even more with each other, allowing them to show support for comments they agree with or feel are important enough to be liked. This new feature has definitely been missing on Instagram, especially for those of us who are so used to this from Facebook. Surely, mother-company Facebook had some influence in the integration of this new feature. Systrom stated that this new feature is aiming to enable users to “show support and encourage positivity throughout the community”.

Additionally, users can now directly reply to comments left under any post. This means, instead of having to type out the username yourself, you can now just tap the “reply” button and can directly answer to other people’s comments. This is supposed to make interacting on Instagram easier than it has been so far.

The last update for comments offers a more drastic intervention regarding conversations on Instagram. Users can completely turn off the commenting function for their posts. While uploading a picture they can now select “advanced settings” and disable the comment function altogether. This way, users can let their images speak for themselves if they feel this is a better fit for them. In case they change their mind, they can turn on the commenting function under the … icon next to their post.

Removing Unwanted Followers

When users turn their profile into a private one, they have to approve every new follower before they can see any content the user has shared. Sometimes, users feel more comfortable to delete some of their followers so they can only share content with those who are actually close to them or who they know. Up until now, users had to block anyone they did not want to follow them anymore. From now on, users can simply delete followers in the “followers” section of their profile. Each follower will have the … symbol next to their name and can be deleted if necessary. The deleted followers will not be notified.

Coverphoto: unsplash.com/benwhite