Many of us see a new year as a fresh start, a chance to make changes and improve. The same goes for the world of online marketing. The budgets have been discussed, marketers are aware of their available resources for the coming year. They need to be aware of new trends and current developments in their field to allow for maximum success. Although each industry comes with their own set of potentially important segments of the field, we believe that the following four aspects of online marketing will be highly relevant for all of them.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has been one of the biggest trends in the online marketing world lately. Brands across all industries make use of influencers to advertise their own products in seemingly authentic and casual ways. Now that the marketing strategy has been well established, marketers will need to find new ways of make their campaigns stick out from the rest. This longs for more creative and authentic campaigns. It won’t be enough to look for influencers with the most followers. Marketers will seek those who are able to place their products in the most efficient, creative and innovative way.

The developments in this segment will be interesting to watch, additionally due to the ever changing platforms the influencers work on. Influencer marketing will have to adjust to changing platforms, such as Instagram. Furthermore, it will have to adjust to changes in consumer perception of advertising. It won’t be about reaching the most people on a platform anymore. Instead it will be about reaching the right segment, at the right time, with the right message.

Target Group Focus

This brings us to the next point: focusing on the right target groups and marketing in the niche segments of your desired customer base. Online marketing has entered an era where the main goal is not to attract as many viewers/users/customers as possible but instead directly speak to a small segment. But for this segment, the marketing strategy has to be the perfect fit. Brand and businesses are in a constant state of competition. An endless amount of companies will offer the same product, the differences between them are sometimes unnoticeable. Advertising online therefore has to be highly distinctive and innovative. This is easier when you try to target a very specific group of consumers.

Successfully reaching niches in the market is a more fruitful marketing strategy than trying to attract every potential customer at once. For marketers this results in a need for fewer large scale strategies. Instead, more strategies that attract a very distinctive target group will be necessary. Targeted online marketing can either use very specific platforms to advertise on or send a message that is fitting for a small but strong market segment. Generally speaking, we will all be presented with a large variety of very specific and distinctive marketing strategies online.

Live Video

Consumers seek authentic and exciting content and material. A brand is no longer just a brand, it is a symbol of a specific lifestyle and social group. Consumers very consciously choose a specific brand for their new purchases. This results in the need for insights into the company’s workings, backstage information and the brand’s embodiment of a specific lifestyle. Websites, social media channels, e-mail marketing etc. allowed brands to communicate with their customers in the desired way. Now, the presented content has to evolve to allow the satisfaction of the consumers’ needs. With this comes the high relevance of live videos.

Consumers want to be right there in the moment with the brand, get close insights of the inner workings and get the illusion of communicating with the brand on a friendship-like level. Live videos will allow brands and businesses to directly communicate with their customers and offer authentic insights. Combined with the fact that most people are online at almost any time of the day, live videos will be a marketing strategy most brands and businesses won’t be able to escape if they want to maintain their influence on their target group.

Mobile Optimization

As mentioned above, most people are online with at least one device for a large portion of the day. Many consumers use their mobile device for product research, to discover new brands and to buy products online. The importance of mobile-optimized websites during all stages of the shopping experience can’t be overestimated. Marketers need to ensure their online shop and website are designed for mobile viewing. This will automatically result in the need for marketing strategies that will seamlessly integrate themselves into the mobile world. This can include primarily mobile-used social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Additionally, brands and businesses will have to focus on online marketing strategies that will be either perfectly adapted to mobile devices or specially designed for mobile devices. Whichever way they go is always a matter of target group and budget. But one thing is clear: any online marketing strategy will have to be adjusted to mobile devices to have maximum reach and success.