Last week, we were lucky enough to be part of the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival in Hamburg. Our whole team had a great time and here are our highlights and favorite moments.

On Thursday and Friday of last week, the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival took place in Hamburg, Germany. Over 25.000 visitors were part of the event in the Exhibition Halls of Hamburg. The world’s finest speakers, agencies, businesses and service providers came together to talk about online marketing and inspire each other. Fortunately, we could be part of this great event. Thanks to the whole OMR Crew for a great two days – it was a blast! Here are our personal highlights.

1 The interactions at our stand

Exhibitions like OMR are exciting but difficult events. Lots of planning and work go into these two days. We were very happy with our outcome. Many great people came by, talked to us and helped us to grow our business, challenge our views and reflect on our product. A big “Thank you” to everyone who stopped by and took the time to talk to us! Exhibitions are a great place to meet new potential business partners, but also to learn from each other and further optimize your product and your presentation of it.

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We were also very excited about how many of you listened to our talk regarding The Power of User-Generated Content! We hope you enjoyed it and that we could educate you on the foundation of what we do and care so much about.

2 Gary Vaynerchuck: “Generate attention for your business”

Gary Vaynerchuck does not believe in “go with the flow”. His motto: work hard, then work some more and if you’re done with that, work some more. In our field of work, many believe that high quality content is easy to produce. Truth is, it’s not. You need to invest time and research into what works for you and your business. Simply following all the trends won’t get you anywhere. His views put your own thoughts and actions into a whole new perspective. We will definitely keep his thoughts in mind and adapt our actions to them. Thank you for that, Gary!

3 Casey Neistat’s Statement: “Make it count”

Casey Neistat, one of the top speakers from the online marketing sphere, talked about deadlines, content production and inspiration to keep going. He showed us his own video that he produced for Nike a few years ago. Bottom line was: MAKE IT COUNT! As long as you care about the project and it transports your own beliefs, you will always produce good things. It was highly inspiring to listen to his approach to content production, especially regarding video content. In a world of everchanging trends and new developments, staying true to what you actually believe in is a great privilege – and should therefore be taken seriously. If you want to become inspired, too, here is Casey’s video for Nike:


4 Beginner @ OMR Aftershow Party

All good things come to an end. And so did the OMR Festival. But lucky for us, the crew made sure, we would go out with a bang. Many great artists rocked the stage but our overall highlight was the German band Beginner. Thanks for a great show!

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