Instagram and Facebook keep growing closer. A new update for the Pages Manager App will allow users to manage their Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger notifications all in one place. This update is especially aiming at social media managers and accounts with large amounts of interaction.

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, Instagram and Facebook are launching an update to make life easier for the social media managers who will be responsible for customer service. The update includes further and closer connections of a business’ Instagram and Facebook accounts. All those who have a corporate Facebook page and Instagram profile can now manage their interactions from both platforms in one app. Facebook’s “Pages Manager” app will allow administrators to review and respond to messages, comments and requests coming from Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

How it works:

After downloading the free app, you have to connect to your Facebook page. After this, you will be able to connect it to you Instagram account and will then receive all notifications coming from the three outlets in this app. You receive a combined list of all notifications and can then switch between the different platforms to manage the specific interactions and requests. The different platforms all have their own color schemes to ensure you are aware of the channel you are managing. All three platforms have their own tabs you can switch between. Additionally, the messages in your Facebook Messenger can be highlighted and categorized. This way, you will have certain labels ready for frequent messaging users. These labels can be reviewed when tapping a person’s profile picture in the Messenger. This will also include basic information from a person’s profile, for example their origin and age. These kinds of information will enable you to communicate more organized and customized with your followers.


What this means:

Generally speaking, this new update will further optimize the workings of social media managers or those who have to maintain a Facebook page and Instagram account at the same time. Especially aspects concerning customer service, feedback and support questions can be managed from one platform. Being able to review all comments, messages, reviews and requests from two different social media channels in one set spot can lead to higher levels of efficiency and organization. This can be especially helpful for those pages that get large amounts of messages, comments and requests every day and might be afraid of “missing something”. The new update will allow you to quickly switch between the apps, therefore minimizing the chance of forgetting to reply to a comment or message. Additionally, the labeling of conversations in the messenger and the inclusion of basic information is a game-changer for customer service. When customers or followers reach out to you multiple times you can quickly get an overview of the previous interactions and adjust your future replies accordingly.

When will this be available?

The update is now in a trial run with chosen Facebook pages. Within “a few weeks”, all Facebook Pages are supposed to be able to use this new function. Users who already connected their Facebook page to their Instagram profile in the Page Manager App will receive the update automatically.

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