Modern marketing strategies are diverse, exciting and often connected to customer interaction on online platforms. This often involves User-generated Content that your customers share with you. But how do you encourage them to share their own images with you? What are useful and successful strategies? What do you have to be aware of? How do I profit from UGC?

All of these questions are answered in our report “UGC GUIDE – How do I get more User-generated Content?”. Social media marketing is an ever-changing discipline, with new trends and strategies appearing constantly. Some trends last, some prove to be unfitting for long-term implementation. For most industries, user-generated has established itself as one of the more permanent trends and above all it is directly connected to increased revenues, conversion rates and brand loyalty.

Today’s world of social media is all about visual content, interaction and exchange and the expression of lifestyles. Naturally, this enables the generation of powerful UGC for many companies and brands. Nevertheless, not all industries are equally suitable for the sharing of user-generated content or customers and consumers feel like there is no proper channel for them to share their insights. Many brands, retailers and businesses have recognized the potential of UGC but ultimately fail to encourage the generation of it.

On the basis of this need for modern and fitting strategies to generate higher amount of better and more diverse UGC, we conducted our report “How to get more User-generated Content”. The report is available for download on our website in the new knowledge section. We decided to address this matter in a full length report as this allowed us to share detailed and in-depth information and advice that we believed would be unfitting for a blog-post. The UGC Guide offers five specific guidelines that will ultimately increase the amount and quality of the UGC you receive. We have included best practice-cases and explicit variations for the strategies we outlined, so you will have inspiration and reference points for your own strategies.

The report is available in German and English and is ready to download on our website. In case you are interested in reading more about this matter and seek advice to optimize your own workings with user-generated content, refer to our report. The file will be sent to an e-mail address of your choice as a pdf.

We hope you enjoy the report!