A new report is online for all you e-commerce managers and social media marketers. Every good e-commerce strategy starts with a foundation – and we believe that foundation lies within user-generated content. Find out why and how you should integrate UGC into your e-commerce; and most importantly, how you will profit from it.

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The report offers an overall review and explanation of UGC, it’s characteristics and impacts on e-commerce. To ensure you are fully educated on the matter, we offer a basic overview how UGC emerged and which conditions supported the rise of UGC.  From there on, we focus on the current state of e-commerce. This allows us and you to understand which problems e-commerce managers are currently facing. Especially a focus from a customer’s perspective enables us to understand which demands customers are placing upon brands. Since e-commerce can only strive through compelling, engaging marketing strategies, it is of utter importance to understand customers’ expectations and needs.

We then move on to a definition of user-generated content. This helps marketers and e-commerce managers understand what distinguishes UGC from other forms of content and marketing strategies. Ensuring that a clear separation is made between content strategies and e.g. advertising is vital for successful campaigns and implementation of UGC into e-commerce channels. This definition serves as the groundwork to further investigate, why exactly visual content matters and turns out to be more successful than other kinds of content in e-commerce. And ultimately, we explain how your e-commerce benefits from UGC on a large scale. From our own statistics, we draw monetary and customer-related conclusions about the profits resulting from the integration of UGC. At last, we highlight the specific benefits UGC has for your brand, your customers’ loyalty and your e-commerce.

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