This week’s update for Instagram is another step towards highly individuproduction. Users can now share up to 10 pictures or videos in one single post. The update is available now for Android and iOS.

Instagram has never been shy of change or improvement. 2016 was one of the most exciting years for the social network. And it looks like this year will be similar. This week’s update included a change for posting formats. All users can now share up to ten pictures or videos in one post. Instagram stated that this update is aiming to make posting easier for their users. Instead of having to choose the best picture or video from a memorable event, you can now share them all at the same time.

When uploading content to your Instagram feed, a little icon will appear. You can then choose the images you want to share. Afterwards you edit, rearrange and caption your post. When reviewing posts with multiple images, users simple have to swipe from left to right to see them all. Little blue dots at the bottom of a post will show you if there is more to see. The whole post can be commented and liked just like regular content before.

Multiple editing options

Instagram would not be Instagram if the new update would not have been thought through. The update comes with multiple editing options. Users can change the order of the shared images and videos. To do so, you simply have to tap and hold and then move them around. Additionally, the usual editing tools are available. You can edit each image individually or apply a filter to the whole set. This way every picture or video you share will always be of best quality. The only limitations are that the pieces need to be in the square format and will all have the same caption. But this will most likely change over the course of a few updates.


Multifaceted and overall insights with Instagram

With this new update, Instagram’s variety of content just keeps growing. From regular pictures and videos, to Instagram Stories, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout it has never been easier to share diverse and comprehensive insights into your life. This new format is especially great for high quality reviews of events or experiences that took place and should be highlighted. It’s a great way to permanently share DIY projects, recipes, workout routines, hair and make-up tutorials etc. The opportunities are endless. And we are looking forward to new content masterpieces being generated with the new format.

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