A few days ago Instagram made a big announced on their own blog: the app has reached 600 million active monthly users. The app keeps growing faster and larger.  The blogpost itself refers to the new features and functions being the driving force behind this large growth of the user base.

As the year is coming to an end, we are all looking at our accomplishments, changes we went through and the results we were able to get. Instagram has been very busy on this front this year. The number of new features, functions and updates is just astonishing. Many of the new features were greeted with open hands. Bookmarks and likeable comments were long-awaited features that most users were very excited about. Instagram Stories on the other hand received lots of critique. Instagram tried to outrun this with another wave of new functionalities for the format.

At times it seemed as if Instagram was focusing on optimization and innovation on all ends, with new updates being published nearly every other day. In the long run, the main question is whether it was all worth it. For Instagram, this means “has the number of users grown in accordance with the effort we put in?”. And the answer is: YES! Instagram announced that the app has grown to have 600 million active users. This is 100 million more users than 6 months ago, when they first announced they reached 500 million active users. The platform is growing and it’s growing faster. It took 9 months to grow from 400 million to 500 million active users. Now, the same growth was reached within 6 months. That’s a rapid growth and an unbelievably large amount of users. 600 million monthly active users mean that 10% of the world’s population use Instagram every month.

The aforementioned new functions and updates were a big part of achieving this new milestone. Instagram Stories gave users a reason to check the app more frequently and use it in a more diverse way. Additionally, users were attracted to focus on this platform altogether instead of splitting their content onto different platforms such as Snapchat. Other features made the platform more authentic and strengthened the usability. The fairly new functions such as live video and the disappearing images and videos for direct messages will have another high influence on the user base. This is yet to be determined though. Now we wait and see which updates Instagram will share in the new year and how fast they will be able to gain another 100 million users.


Coverphoto: unsplash.com/kimsonduan