Shortly before the end of last year, Instagram introduced another new function. From now on you can save images and videos shared by other users. This update was just one of the sheer endless amount of updates the app released last year. The highlights of last year are presented in an infographic.

Even though the year was coming to an end, Instagram apparently did not want to finish off the year with another update for its users and fans. The update was released in the last weeks of December but did not receive the appropriate attention due to the shortly afterwards published update that included stickers for the Instagram Stories. The other new function includes a bookmarking option for Instagram posts. It allows users to bookmark images or videos they come across. This way you can hold on to those posts you want to show your friends, revisit later or want to use as an inspiration for yourself, for example in case of recipes, locations or destinations.

How it works

Bookmarking posts is easy. Underneath every post you will see a small bookmark-icon. Simply tap this and the image or video will automatically be saved for you to revisit later on. All your bookmarked posts are collected in a separate tab. When viewing your own profile, the bookmark-tab will be visible as a fourth column next to your own feed and your tagged images. The saved posts will be presented to you in a chronological order, from newest to oldest. Important to note is that others won’t be notified when you bookmark their post. Additionally, they also won’t be able to review all your saved images – this tab is completely private.



Instagram’s most exciting year

The bookmarking function was just a small new adjustment compared to all the other new functions the app introduced throughout the last year. To keep up with all the exciting things that Instagram went through check out this infographic.


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