Ever since Instagram launched the new Stories format in August, they have been on the roll to update and optimize the feature. Following the steps of holding company Facebook, Instagram has now launched the new function for Live Stories. Additionally, the app launched an update for their direct messages which now allows you to send images and short videos that disappear after the recipient has seen them.

Go Live with you Story

First, the update for the Stories. Users can now be live on Instagram through the Stories format. Where they would normally add a new image or video for their own Story, they can now go live by tapping the “start live video”-button. For a maximum length of one hour, users can share live insights. Up until now this sounds like Instagram Stories. The clue for Live Stories is that they disappear after you stop your live-stream. The stories are not saved anywhere so they really are just live and can not be re-watched multiple times within 24 hours. In a blogpost, Instagram states that the Live Stories are a new way “to share freely and in the moment”.

start-live-video-1 start-live-video

When you “go live” some of your followers will get a notification, so they can be a part of your Live Stories. During your stream, followers can like and comment as much as they want. You are able to pin a permanent comment or disable comments completely, giving you ways to moderate the conversation happening around your Live Story.

1 live-stories-explore


When a person is streaming a Live Story, this will be shown in the bar for the regular Instagram Stories. A user’s profile picture will then have the tag “live” and you can just tap on their picture to view their Live Story.  Live Stories will also be featured in the Explore tab, highlighting the “Top Live Stories” for you to explore. Naturally, these will be customized to you and only include Live Stories that are happening at the moment.

Share disappearing images and videos per Direct Message

Instagram’s second update is further aiming to allow their users to share “in the moment” insights into their daily life with friends and followers. This new update regards Instagram’s Direct Messages, that 300 million users use monthly, as Instagram stated. Users can now take videos and images with the app, edit them to their liking and send them to any of their followers. After your friends receive and see the image or video, the content is automatically deleted from the conversation. In case the recipient takes a screenshot or replays your image, you will receive a notification. For this new function, Instagram even changed the symbol for the direct messages, which now is a paper plane. If you tap the icon, you will see all your Direct Messages as well as the images that were sent to you. The disappearing images will be circled in blue to distinguish them from other messages.

dm dm1


Image source:  blog.instagram.com

Coverphoto: unsplash.com/jordanmcqueen