As from today, you can go live with a friend on Instagram. The photo-sharing app has updated its Live Video feature and now allows two people to broadcast at the same time. This is way you can catch up with friends or simply spend time together, even if you are miles apart.

The live video function is an authentic way for you to connect with friends and followers, but at the same time Instagram acknowledges the fact that going live on your own can be kind of imitating. To encourage even more people to use the live-function, you can now easily add a guest while broadcasting. All you have to do is tap the new icon on the bottom right and tap “Add” to invite a friend who is currently watching you. As soon as the person accepts your invite, the screen will split and you will be able to simultaneously live-stream.


The person who started the live stream has the power to remove the added person at any time during the broadcast. Obviously this works in the other direction too. The added person has the option to leave the conversation whenever they please. As soon as the other person has left the live-stream, new guests may be added. The new live-function also allows you to share your live-stream to your story or you can simply “Discard”, this way your video will disappear from the app.

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If someone you follow is streaming with a friend then their two circles will merge into one another in your stories’ bar. Just like any other story, you will be able to like and comment while watching the live stream.

Almost one year has passed since Instagram launched the live-function in November 2016. Therefore this update will hopefully encourage even more users to share their special moment with the Instagram community. This new function is available as part of Instagram version 20 and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

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