The fact that Instagram wouldn’t let you post older photos and videos to Stories has been annoying.  As a result the community has tried to find ways how to circumvent this obstacle. As from today, there is no need to do this anymore. Because Instagram’s new update allows you to share photos and videos to your Story even if they were taken more than 24 hours ago!

Scroll through your camera roll

Just like you would normally do, tap onto your stories circle and it will show the usual camera mode. Swipe up or tap onto the gallery icon to open your camera roll. Then you can scroll through and add any photo or video you like.

If you select a photo that is older than 24 hours, Stories will automatically show a sticker that will let you and others know when it was taken. As with all other stickers, you will be able to rotate, resize or even remove the date sticker before you upload the picture to your Story.

This new feature is available as part of the update version 22 for iOS and version 18 on Android.

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