It was a huge surprise in the digital world when Instagram published its new update. The social network´s new function called Stories is almost identically to Snapchat’s well-known Story.

However, due to Instagram’s broader user base marketers can eventually profit even more from it, integrated into Facebook’s subsidiary. In contrast to the messenger Snapchat where pictures automatically disappear after watching them and where only chosen contacts within a younger target group can see your posts, Instagram is an even more established and highly accepted social network. With more than 500 million average users per month, Instagram is based on a huge user community. This community is able and craving to deal with the new function.

Users on Instagram follow specific authentic accounts of companies, brands or private bloggers, which represent a certain lifestyle or product that one can relate to. With the new function, Instagram is loosening up the perceived high standard of only updating high-quality pictures that are likely to get high engagement rates. Within the story function, those standards are lower. The user is animated to integrate events into his story without doing “too much” and to show a less edited, more authentic content. Furthermore, Instagram Stories allows companies to post and upload more content, without overrunning or annoying their fans and followers. The Stories do not appear in the classical Instagram stream.

Never Loose Your Structure

Nevertheless, that does not mean that companies should lose the clear structure of their Instagram accounts. It is still the straightforwardness and the reliable structure that Instagram users do appreciate.

So far, especially the transience of the story function is what fascinates the snapchatters. Since, a lot of consumers are scared of the increasingly huge collection of data, they were glad to discover an alternative to share content for only a limited period of time. At this, once again Instagram wants to take its piece of the cake and expands their functionalities and marketing activities.


It does not matter how sweet those animal pictures are, do not forget the message of your account! Source: Mcguire

Use your Instagram Stories to give followers and fans a deeper insight into your company. For example like posting backstage videos or short insights in your office. What still applies: Unnecessary posts of animal pictures should be avoided - the quality of your content is always the number one priority!

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