Within the last weeks, Instagram kept us on track with its updates: it all started with the implementation of the new story function that is now followed by the new feature Instagram Business. The feature enables companies to upgrade their own profile, by adding more detailed information, tracking statistics and highlighting specific posts. The Benefits:

#1 The Contact Button:

By connecting your Instagram with your Facebook Fanpage and the included contact information, besides the already known button to follow, a new contact button appears. This button enables you to integrate your phone number, email address, business address or industry information within your account.

#2 Statistics:

This function enables the user to learn more about his or her followers. It provides information about demography, reach, impressions and follower-statistics about the own advertisement campaigns.

#3 Highlighting:

Facebook user already know this function – now, Instagram provides the highlighting of advertisements as well. The post is turned into an advertisement with an integrated direct call to action. Furthermore, the company has the opportunity to individually choose and adapt the budget.

Before... Afterwards...

From now on, the contact button enables users to contact a company directly.

Source: Instagram/squarelovin

Cover Photo: Unsplash