Long before the rise of the Internet, people read magazines to follow celebrities, royals and models on new trends in fashion. Obviously, many people still do and this new form of media does not seriously threaten magazines such as Vogue and Elle. However, they might not be the number one source of inspiration anymore.

Since the rise of social media, we clearly see a shift from print to online and from celebrities to influencers. Not surprising that a visual network like Instagram is taking the lead as an inspiring and influential place where people observe trends in fashion and lifestyle.

Instagram influences 72% of purchases

A survey by Dana Rebecca designs that was done with 2000 users of Instagram revealed that 72% had bought something after they had seen it on the photo-sharing app. Clearly, women seem to be more attracted to Instagram than men. 77% claimed that they had made a purchasing decision after using the app this is approximately 15% more than their male counterparts.

Broken down into generations, it is safe to say that Instagram has the biggest impact on Millennials. Growing up as digital natives 74% have claimed that they consult the network as a source of information on products and before making a purchase decision. Followed by Generation X with 63% and even 54% of the Baby Boomers use Instagram as a source of inspiration and before buying products online and offline.

Only 18% use shop now function

What is rather striking, is that although we see a high rate when it comes to using Instagram as a source of information. Only 18% of all surveyors have said that they directly use e-commerce solutions such as shopify to shop on the app. Brands and retailers should acknowledge this fact if they want to use synergy effects and increase sales figures.

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Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash