Instagram analyzed the posting behavior of European Fashion-Bloggers and discovered some interesting facts about the engagement of those users. According to friday-magazine,  the research reported that fashion fans are posting three times as much content as the average user.

With more than 500 million users per month and 95 million average photo uploads per day, Instagram is as popular today as never before. Nowadays, Instagram users could not imagine their everyday life without the social network.

Instagram For Fashion Brands

But also the fashion industry was profiting from this huge engagement within the community right from the beginning. Popular hashtags like #ootd (outfit of the day) or #fashionista soon established themselves within the photo-sharing app. Since then, labels are now posting fashion looks of their brands, backstage insights within Instagram Stories as well as profiting from brand related high quality User-Generated Content (UGC). Furthermore, UGC is reposted on the company´s Instagram account or even integrated in different marketing activities.

Trends are spreading virally on Instagram within a few seconds, inspiring bloggers, writers and trendsetters worldwide.

Instagram´s Fashion-Bloggers are more actively than an average user. Source: Instagram/banso73Instagram´s Fashion-Bloggers are more actively than an average user. Source: Instagram/banso73

Currently, Instagram published some data according to the posting behavior of European Fashion-Bloggers. Among other things, particular emphasis was given to aspects like frequency, use of hashtags and far more.

#1 Posting-Stars

On average, fashion interested Europeans are posting three times more content than an average user.

#2 Shoe-Hype

29 percent of all fashion posts are dealing with the topic of shoes. In contrast to this, only one percent is dealing with trousers.

#3 Feed-Obsession

15 times per day, fashion interested Instagram users are clicking on their news to stay up to date. Five times more often compared to an average user.

#4 Follower-Focused

On average, Fashion Bloggers have 353 abonnements, twice as high as the accounts that an average user is following.

#5 Hashtag

When it comes to the topic of hashtags, the fashion area is quite classy. Obvious hashtags like #fashion and #fashionblogger are frequently used. Furthermore, #love is regularly popping up between those hashtags.

#5 Emoji’s

Lipstick, High Heel and the blue dress are the most popular brand emoji’s used in the caption of posts.


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Cover Photo: Bana