Back in April, Instagram implemented the new video channel function, which is expanded by an update in the US these days. From now own, there are going to be live events as a category of the channels. It is broadcasting concerts, sport events and more.

Each live event has the potential to pop up in this new area, it simply needs to be a popular topic that provides plenty of content for its own channel. The content of this stream is going to be produced by the users themselves, posting videos on their accounts. Like this, everybody is getting the chance that his or her own video is going to be used within the channel to be published all over the world. The Explore function is individually personalized for each user, displaying there only live events of the favorite sport team, singer or events near around the user.

Mit der neuen Funktion können ab sofort Live-Events, wie hier das Konzert von Adele, mitverfolgt werden. Quelle: With the new function, users are able to watch live events, like a concert by Adele, via Instagram. Source:

For the moment, the update is only available for Instagram users within the US. Fingers crossed that it will be spread out to other regions as well.

For years, Instagram is expanding the Explore Area, always striving to optimize it to a growing and extensively personalized platform. The new update is again concurring with Snapchat and its Discover function. That is as well sharing User-Generated Videos of events, but without personalizing them.

Cover Photo: Unsplash