More and more companies and brands are working with online marketing. There are various social media platforms, for example Instagram. Since 2016, Instagram has introduced a feature that makes it even easier for companies and brands to market themselves on the platform: Instagram Business Accounts.

What is a Instagram Business Account?

As a brand or company, you should transform your Instagram profile into a business profile to gain exclusive insights into your profile statistics. This feature can help you as a company to get to know your followers better and define your target audience. The integrated insights tool provides you with general analyzes as well as specific analyzes of individual posts. In addition, your followers can contact you faster via a contact button directly on your profile.

General Insights

As soon as you have a Business Account, you will find the section "Insights" on your profile in the top right corner under the "≡" button. There you can analyze different actions like followers, target groups and engagement. As a company, you can not only find out who your followers are, but also their age, gender, locations or when they interact with you the most and what reach you have. The statistics also show you your profile views of the last 7 days.

Source: Instagram

Post Insights

The Insights Tool also shows some individual insights about your posts. You will get information about your profile views, followers, reach and how and where your post was found. This means that you can see how many users have seen your post about the homepage, your profile or even your used hashtags. This means that you can analyze which hashtags brought the most views or impressions. This will tell you which hashtags are most efficient for your posts, so you can find out if you’ve used the right hashtags for your strategy. You can easily get the information about the post by clicking on a post and then on "View Insights". 

Source: Instagram

Story Insights

With the Instagram Business Account you also get the statistics for your Instagram stories. You can therefore see how often someone tapped "further" or "back", left the story or commented on it. There is also information about impressions and reach. The evaluations are available for the period of the last 24 hours, seven days or 24 days.

Quick contact possibilities

When you have a business profile, contact can be made through two additional contact buttons, in addition to direct messages. By adding your contact data in the profile, customers can automatically be connected to your office or the linked phone number by clicking on "call". A button next to that automatically opens the email mask. This way your followers and hopefully future customers can get in touch with you even faster and easier.

Location Plan

Next to the two contact buttons there is a button for directions, so your followers can see exactly where your business is on a map.


Using an Instagram Business Profile, you can advertise your posts on Instagram via the Facebook Ad Manager. You can show ads to push individual posts by Instagram, so-called "Dark Posts“, meaning copies of the original post created and provided with a call-to-action button. Your posts will be displayed in the feed to users who are not following you to catch their attention. But ads can also be shown in the Instagram stories. When you create an ad in the Ad Manager, check the box for „Stories“ during the placement decision process.

Change to business profile 
  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone and log into your profile. Go to "Settings" (gear icon) in the upper right corner and select "switch to company profile". 
  2. Now you need to connect your Facebook Business page to your Instagram profile, which requires you to have a published Facebook page about your business. To connect these two profiles, you must be the administrator of the Facebook Business Page for at least 7 days already. 
  3. Once both accounts are linked together, all data such as address, phone number and email will automatically be transferred from your Facebook page to your Instagram profile. Customers can contact you faster via the contact button. 
  4. Click on "Done" and you will have converted your account into a business profile. Now you have access to individual insights into your Instagram stats. 

Surely you have already seen the "blue check" on Instagram and the associated verification on some profiles. With the verification, Instagram confirms that the account is actually operated by the person under whose name the account occurs. This allows users to easily recognize that a profile is really the authentic account of a celebrity, brand or company. Since 2018, every user is able to submit an application for a verification. For the approval and the addition of a blue tick, certain criteria must be met:

  • Public Account
  • Completed Bio
  • Profile picture and at least one post
  • Account must represent a real person or company
  • Just one account per brand is allowed, except other accounts for individual international markets
  • There should be no references to other social networks on the profile
  • The person or brand must be represented on social media and be well known so that their name is searched often on the social web

To apply for verification as a company, you only need to click on "Request Verification" in your account settings and then upload your company name and a picture of your commercial register entry and submit the application. As a result, Instagram will check your application and will contact you with an acceptance or refusal. In case of a refusal you have the possibility to submit a new request after 30 days.