We have used the past few months to give our Instagram analytics a major upgrade, just in time for the Facebook API changeover. This Blog Post provides you with an overview of the most important changes and the most exciting new features.

The Facebook API Changeover

As early as 2018, Facebook announced an API (Application Programming Interface) changeover for the spring of 2020 that also affects Instagram. The change is designed to make the old Facebook Legacy API obsolete and replace it with the new Facebook Graph API. Among other things, this changeover regards the access rights for apps to private accounts and consequently also affects squarelovin Instagram Analytics. From now on our analytics software is only allowed to fetch the required data for Instagram Business and Creator accounts. Facebook does no longer release data for private accounts and in some cases does not even safe the data itself. For this reason, the new squarelovin analytics do not only come with a new design and new functions, but are also built into an entirely new software. As a consequence of this, old squarelovin accounts cannot be transferred automatically.

What happens to old squarelovin Accounts?

Within 60 days after April 1st all user data connected to the old squarelovin analytics will be deleted. Since the End of March it is no longer possible to access analytics from the old squarelovin software. Users who have an Instagram Business or Creator account can simply sign up for the new squarelovin analytics and all data related to feed posts can be fetched and displayed just like before. The only exceptions are insights on Follower Growth and Instagram Stories. This data can only be collected from the time a social profile has been linked to squarelovin.

Users who previously only had a regular Instagram account connected now need to switch to a Business or Creator profile in order to use squarelovin analytics. All information about how the account changeover works can be found here in our blog post on the topic.

What's new?
Analytics for Instagram Stories

In addition to the insights and Best Time To Post for classic feed posts, our new squarelovin analytics now also offer detailed insights into the performance of Instagram Stories. They provide an overview of metrics such as how many users have tapped back and forth within stories, how many have seen the story and how high the average engagement is

Stories within squarelovin can also be filtered according to the categories “most recent”, “most impressions”, “most reached” and “most completed”. This quickly shows which type of story content works best and which is less appealing to your followers.

Multiple Team Members for a Social Profile

The new squarelovin analytics allow to analyze the same social profile with several users who can be assigned different roles. The Premium Plan includes two team members, the Professional Plan offers three. Additional team members can also be booked for each plan. A distinction is made between “Admin” and “Member” in the roles of team members. While admins have full rights for the account and can edit all settings, members only have read access and can view the analytics data. A team can also consist of several admins.

Detailed Performance Reports to Download and Share

Reports are another new function. For every account type, regardless of whether it is “free”, “premium” or “professional”, detailed overviews of account performance are automatically generated weekly and sent in .xls format by email. In addition, all reports are collected within squarelovin and can be downloaded there at any time. In addition, there is the option of manually creating reports for individual time periods, which can then also be downloaded and shared.

Influencer Mediakits

The new media kits which can now be created easily and highly personalized with squarelovin analytics are particularly interesting for Influencers.

squarelovin media kits have a similar structure to the reports, but offer much more space for personal information and references. For example, up to four profile categories can be selected and the first page offers space for a short biography and the listing of Influencer services. On the following pages there is space for a variety of feed posts and stories sorted by “Engagement”, “Reach” or “Impressions”, as well as an overview of previous cooperation partners. The media kits can be downloaded as PDF.

Extended Free Trial in April

In order to give you a chance to take your time and discover all that's new about our analytics, we offer an extended free trial for the month of April. Sign up now, and instead of a regular 14 day trial, your get the entire month free of charge. Check out our plans and pricings with a list of included features here

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