Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide and not only an interesting platform for private users. More and more companies are presenting themselves on Instagram using a Business-Account. Below, are some tips on how to make your company’s Instagram content and account more appealing.

#1 Know your Customers


What motivates your target group? What are possible problems or tasks they are dealing with? What kind of input may help them to make decisions regarding their commerce? Which Instagram content inspires your customers? If you know your target group, you know how they react in specific situations and you get a feeling of what kind of Instagram content appeals them – and what does not. Profit from User-Generated Content that followers share on Instagram by using it to get to know your customers and integrating it into your own account.

#2 Rely on Organic Growth

Generating a high rate of followers and interactions within your account’s community, requires time and effort. Invest your resources into organic growth. This includes sharing high quality content on a regular basis, interacting with your community and other users and careful maintenance of your own account. Only organic growth is sustainable and useful in the long run as it will equally increase your conversion rates. For further information, refer to our guidelines on how to generate organic growth.

#3 Humanize your Brand's Instagram content

Through the use of photos and videos, Instagram enables companies to individualize, personalize and humanize their brand or services. Social networks can turn rather boring topics into winning stories that inspire your followers. Find pictures with sticky messages, share information about employees, give backstage insights or share special moments from your everyday office life. This makes your company authentic and allows you to interact with your customers on eye-level. Demonstrate creativity and inspire your followers by significant and unique Instagram content that show your product from a new perspective.

screenshot-slPost events or expos to implement personality into your Instagram account. Source: Instagram/squarelovin

A good way to humanize your brand is to acquire popular personalities, influencers or employees. SIXT is a good example of personalizing your brand through an Instagram takeover. During a takeover, brands or companies hand over their account to third parties, who then share content about the brand for a set amount of time out of their point of view. This change of perspective makes the whole account more personal and diverse for the users as well as for the companies.

SIXT asked four influencers to go to the Berchtesgadener Land with one of their cars in order to do an Instagram and Snapchat takeover. For two days, they were posting pictures on their private accounts as well as on the business account of SIXT. Of course this campaign had its own hashtag: #sixtmoments.


With an Instagram takeover, SIXT made its brand livelier. Source: Instagram/pamela_rf

#4 Choose Clever Hashtags

Before publishing a post one should think about meaningful hashtags. Do you already have a branded hashtag? Then definitely make use of it! Include four or five hashtags in your caption, as more hashtags tend to make the caption too long and overcrowded.

Special Advice – Hiding Hashtags: Comment your own post with chosen hashtags. Doing this, will enable you able to keep your caption short and clear, while your hiding hashtags allow your post to be discovered easily.

#5 Socialize

Instagram is a social network, so socialize! Establish a direct dialogue with users, listen to their feedback and interact with them and their Instagram content. Take time to follow accounts and create the same areas of interest. Similar interests make people liable to follow your account and engage themselves. Make use of User-Generated Content as a company and integrate it into your account or website. UGC is definitely going to make your brand more authentic and trustworthy.