We already presented the new function Instagram Stories within the article “Instagram Stories better than the Snapchat original?”. This blog post is dealing with the question of how to get the best out of this new function as a marketer and to improve one´s own marketing campaigns.

The Benefits Instagram Stories:
#1 Authenticity

Quite similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories are enabling an intimate insight behind the scenes. The communication is far more authentically and honest, pictures and videos are not costly edited but therefore inspiring the user with personality.

#2 Provide Content

Too much posts on an Instagram account make them easily seem to be overloaded. The implementation of the story function enables companies to publish an extensive amount of content, that users can fully concentrate on without being present in the users’ news feed.

#3 Established Medium

With over 500 million average users per month, Instagram is an established social network. Now companies make use of the Stories function with their existing follower base and do not necessarily need to build up the same on Snapchat.

Tips for Using Instagram Stories
#1 Insights

Enable your followers a look behind the scenes and show them what makes your office or brand special. You provide authenticable content and automatically build more trust in your company.

#2 Live-Stream

Use your Instagram stories as a live-stream for particular events and enable your followers to be at the hotspot of action.

Quelle: unsplash.com/Steven Estes

Source: unsplash.com/Steven Estes

#3 product launches

You are planning a huge project or an exciting new product? By using Instagram stories, you are able to announce it and to include your followers by making them curious!

#4 Influencer

The takeover of social media channels is getting much more interesting through Instagram stories: work together with influencers within the industry and let them test and report on your products.

Cover Photo: by Syd Wachs on Unsplash