Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase the engagement of your consumers and to gain reach in order to accomplish your own targets

By incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to partner with individuals with the potential to move your target audience to action and at the same time promote your content. One look at the stats reveils 63 percent of consumers trust customer pictures or pictures of influencers more than stock images of brands and retailers. Nevertheless, starting in the area of influencer marketing is quite difficult for inexperienced companies. How do I get the right person for our company? Which platforms are at all interesting? How do I get in touch and how much do I pay for this kind of marketing?

A good example for promoting a successful influencer campaign is the start-up Little Lunch. It launched its new product, a variety of bio smoothies, throughout social networks. The company shaped an economical campaign with the hashtag #biosmoothie, hiring 21 top influencers and a few unknown bloggers. In only one month, Little Lunch reached nearly eight million Instagram users, over four million of them organically.

Die erfolgreiche Bloggerin Leslie Huhn ( wurde von Litte Lunch beauftragt, über die neuen Bio-Smoothies zu schreiben. Quelle: Instagram/lesliehuhn
Source: Instagram/lesliehuhn
The successful blogger Leslie Huhn was hired by Little Lunch to try new bio smoothies. 

With the help of this guide, we are trying to simplify the entry to the area of influencer marketing with a few tips and tricks. They enable your company to start effective and sustainable social media campaigns working side by side with influencers.

#1 Set targets

What is my goal by using influencer marketing? You should define ahead weather you want for example to improve brand awareness, the engagement within your community or promote your product launch. The selection of influencers should always be directly connected to your campaign and long term goals.

#2 Define Your Target Group

Who do you want to reach with your campaign? Choose a specific target group: do you want to appeal 15 to 18 year old girls who are interested in young fashion or young mothers in their early thirties that want to buy fair-trade child apparel? The more precisely you are able to define your audience in advance, the better. Therefore, the chosen influencers should be established within your target group and inspire others through their attitudes and values.

#3 Find Influencers

If it comes to the right choice of an influencer, you should not only have a look at the amount of followers. Furthermore, your target group should be within this follower base. Like this, your content is actually relevant and interesting in order to reach the desired success. As a result, you are going to create authenticity and improve the engagement in your community.

The search of influencers can occur manually or with the help of specialized tools, like for example

#4 Payment

When it comes the topic of payment there is nothing like a universal answer. The use of influencers is not directly leading to a raise of the Conversion Rate. Therefore, the payment depends on factors like reach, engagement and experience. Instead of putting the whole budget on one single influencer, you should spread it across a few to raise your success and at the same time minimize your risks. Our hint: Influencers with follower numbers between 10k to 80k are happy to be contacted and mostly can be paid with free samples of your product.

#5 Collaboration

Working together with influencers, one should never forget that it is working with real people. They build up a solid follower base with creativity and personality and that is what makes them successful. So do not try to integrate your corporate language within the account. Furthermore, give them space to find their own way of integrating your messages authentically. Exchange opinions with one another and try to build a steady dialogue setting targets together. Nevertheless, the integration of your brand specific hashtag should always be part of your deal.

There are a two more aspects that will help you establish your influencer marketing strategy:

  • Transparency: Product placements of companies are legally in a grey area, so it is crucial for you as a company not to fool your users about your intentional promotion. Clearly communicate your intentions with influencers as well as customers and furthermore try to add value for followers by using product placements.
  • Authenticity: The selection of influencers should be made after the definition of your target group. Influencers that should be for example presenting a healthy lifestyle with the products by your company and are at the same time posting pictures of fast food or and wild parties appear unreliable and do not fulfill exactly the expectation of your followers.


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