Everyone is talking about hashtags: no post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is getting along without a hashtag! But how do I implement a successful hashtag strategy?

But what is this phenomenon all about? Hashtags stand for topics, branded hashtags stand for companies, events and campaigns. What they all have in common – the increase of visibility. Hashtags are an effective tool to activate the interaction and the exchange with your followers and to bundle it in one place, instead of losing it in the depths of Instagram. Furthermore, hashtags allow you to be easily found by anyone outside your company. In simplified form: specific hashtags are sorting your posts in relevant topic areas and therefore enable other users to directly search for them.

Trend-Hashtags: social networks are all about new trends and therefore new hashtags as well! Profit from it through searching and using up to date hashtags in order to get multiple topics for your own discussions. You even get the chance to become a trendsetter and go viral through the implementation of your own trending hashtag.

#getanchored Quelle: Instagram: paul_hewitt/a.uriupina#getanchored Source: Instagram: paul_hewitt/a.uriupina

The successful Hashtag strategy on Instagram

Through the years, Instagram users have developed a specific procedure when it comes to the use of a hashtag strategy. In the first step, you are posting your picture with a caption, including two to three hashtags. These should be your key-hashtags that are underlining the message of your post. Keeping it clean and clear!

The second step is to comment your own photo after posting it. For this purpose, you are collecting as many fitting hashtags as possible. By doing this, you are able to raise the visibility of your post. Furthermore, this step makes your post more shareable. If someone is now reposting your picture on other networks, people will only see your caption and not your hashtags below. This gives your post a clearer presentation and at the same time gives you an increased visibility.

Every post is limited to an amount of 30 hashtags, but a little less is going to leave a better impression. The selection of your hashtags should describe your post as precise as possible. Even tags to enter a contest in a specific network are possible. As a result your picture could be reposted and therefore increasing your visibility as well as the awareness for your account.

Analyzing tools like the one from squarelovin are providing an overview of the top hashtags on Instagram. Some examples are #love #photooftheday #instamood and many more. These hashtags are not only used to tag your own post, but also to search content tagged with this hashtag. There is a huge amount of data that is daily uploaded with these hashtags. The latest is always the first one, but it changes every second. Furthermore, there is a listing of the most popular posts according to the specific hashtag.

Quelle: squarelovin Source: squarelovin

Branded Hashtag strategy as a Benefit for your Company

Especially companies are able to profit from the implementation of their own “branded hashtag”. This hashtag can be either referring to your company in general or to a specific campaign. You are then asking your follower to post pictures with this branded hashtag in order to increase the visibility of their posts.

Quite good examples of companies that tag every post not only with their company name but also with their branded hashtag are brands like PAUL HEWITT or Cottera. With the hashtag #getAnchored PAUL HEWITT relates to its Nordic hometown – meanwhile Cottera is hinting to its variety of towels with the hashtag #keepOnDrying.

Especially when it comes to User-Generated Content, the impact of those hashtags is crucial. Platforms like squarelovin are able to search specific hashtags on Instagram in order to get relevant content for your company. Afterwards, you can easily ask for the license with only a few clicks. As a result, you are now able to use this User-Generated Content in your marketing campaigns or for example integrate it directly in a shopping-gallery on your website.

Cover Photo: gratisography.com