Instagram is the platform with the highest level of engagement and interaction. Brands and businesses can profit from user integrity outside of the network. Follow our advice to grow your e-mail list with Instagram!

Instagram is a powerful, useful and fun platform. It lets you experiment with content and edits, you can communicate with your target group and with a little effort you are able to successfully advertise your product and generate new business. What few people are aware of, is that Instagram is great for many other aspects of marketing as well. One specific benefit is the topic of this article: the connection between e-mail marketing and Instagram. Most brands and businesses do both to some extent. They provide customers with important information via e-mail and present their product in the best way on Instagram. What’s great about Instagram is that usually, your followers are already interested in your product. Their incentive to be up to date with your doings is high. However, the nature of Instagram can be a burden for the actual transformation from fans to customers.

The problem with Instagram marketing

Certain specifics of the social network make it hard to convert fans and followers into actual customers. This includes the fact that only one clickable link can be posted, namely in your account’s bio. So you constantly have to refer to that link or type out a link that is easy to remember. Single posts can’t lead followers to your online shop or website.

Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm can result in your content being missed or displayed at the bottom of a news feed. Therefore, you might not be able to reach as many followers as you’d like with every post. You do not know for sure how many users actually saw your posts. This makes redirecting them to your online shop even harder.

Lastly, Instagram is an app we use on the go. We quickly check it while waiting for our bus or in the line while we grab some coffee. It’s quick and fun, which means we don’t give it that much thought and attention. Still, the platform is a powerful pool for interaction and knowledge of your target group. Using this for your e-mail marketing can be very successful.

The importance of e-mail marketing

Surely, most people receive a great number of e-mails each day. But, we take time to check them. We look at the subject and most often give it a quick look. With e-mails brands and businesses are able to convey a lot more information. And the even bigger advantage is, that the information is clickable.

With e-mail campaigns you can make connections outside of Instagram. These connections are effective in a more monetary way. Surely, Instagram is a great platform. But for actual sales and conversions, you need to interact with customers outside of social media. With e-mail marketing you are able to create relations that are focused on sales and are of permanent nature. You have the possibility to reach out to the same customer base on a regular basis.

Marketing campaigns via e-mail enable you to build a community. Other than most social networks that allow for visual communication, e-mail campaigns are your outlet for actual information transformation and textual communication. E-mails are a whole different medium and allow communication on a higher level. You can transport contexts and news. You’re talking to your customers on matters regarding the growth of your business. The benefit is that you can address these matters in a combined inclusive package. You don’t have a limit for the amount of pictures or information you can share. You can write e-mails that are as short or as long as you want them to be. Reach your customers outside of social media and interact on deep, meaningful and beneficial levels.

How to grow your e-mail list with Instagram

When you want your followers to hand over their e-mail address, you need to offer them a reward. An e-mail address is something private. As most users care about their online privacy, they won’t hand this personal information over without a clear incentive why they should. Be aware that the e-mail addresses you really care about are those of your target group. Therefore, the reward you offer should be something your target group cannot resist. It should be something they desire and that is of enough value for them to hand out their e-mail address. Possible rewards are:

  • A free sample of your product
  • Discounts or privileges for their next order
  • Invitations to events you are holding
  • E-books or guides regarding your product segment, e.g. a one-week meal plan if you’re a provider of nutritional products
  • Any other reward your customers would be happy about
Creating a campaign to receive e-mail addresses

Do not just share an image where you offer a reward for a user’s e-mail address. Construct a campaign around this to effectively communicate with interested customers. You can turn it into a contest where you offer a free sample for one of the users who hand over their e-mail address. This requires you to randomly choose one of those who share their e-mail address. Or you can offer a free reward for everyone who gives you your e-mail address. This would be possible for discounts or privileges for their next order. Whichever way you want to go, be consistent and clearly communicate the conditions of your campaign.

Whichever way you go, you will usually lead your users to a website where they enter their details. For this, you should create a custom landing page. Do not just forward users to your website and let them search for the right page. Create a landing page that once again highlights the campaign’s conditions. Create a nice space for them to leave their details and offer confirmation once their input has been saved. Include the clickable link of this landing page in your Instagram account’s bio and include regular calls-to-action. Advertise your campaign for a sensible amount of time. And continuously address this matter in your postings and captions.

Great examples
1 Suja Juice

In December of last year, Suja Juice held a campaign with 12 days of giveaways. They included a link in their bio and continuous calls-to-action for their users. By simply including their e-mail address, users were able to participate and get free products for a period of 12 days. The campaign received great attention and engagement.

suja juice

2 Timberland

Timberland’s campaign also forwarded customers to the webpage. Users were animated to share their own content and also hand over their e-mail address to participate in the contest. This campaign is a classic winner on all fronts: you receive great user-generated content and simultaneously grow your e-mail list.

timberland 1