Instagram announced that the Stories-format will soon include location-based geo stickers. Users will then be able to highlight specific location they’re at. Geo stickers are another function that has been copied from Snapchat but adjusted for Instagram.

Instagram stated that location-based stickers are coming for the Stories-format. This new feature allows users to playfully share the location where the shared content was taken. After taking a picture or video, users can select one of many stickers that fits their current location and activity. Instagram announced and showed that there will be multiple stickers available for one location. This makes for diverse content with stickers.


Snapchat’s idea and Instagram’s upgrade

Once again, most social media users are familiar with this new feature as it is copied from Snapchat. The option of geo filters has been around on Snapchat for a few years now. Instagram is adding the feature a few months after the Stories-format was launched in August of 2016. On multiple occasions, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom stated that the network was well aware of the fact, that some formats and features are based on Snapchat. Still, in times of social media, the copying of formats is just part of how it works. As an example, he used the newsfeed that many networks share alike.

Still, Instagram wouldn’t be Instagram, if it didn’t adjust the feature per their own users’ needs. First of all, Instagram’s version does not include filters but stickers. Snapchat’s version only allows the inclusion of the filter. It can’t be adjusted at all. It’s either there or it isn’t. This makes it a bit hard to fit the filter nicely into your own picture. Instagram was aware of this and incorporated exactly this. Users can customize the stickers to their own liking. Stickers can be adjusted regarding the size. Additionally, users can move them around as much as they want to and choose multiple stickers if they like. All of which Snapchat doesn’t allow.

The future of stickers

With all formats and features on Instagram, a somewhat professional development could be seen. Stories got clickable links that help marketers to promote products and lead users right to them. We have Instagram ads and carousel posts that all aim to help marketers and brands to make the most of the platform for their own use. Now the question is, what will happen to the stickers? One can only speculate, but surely, to some extent, a business approach to stickers will come. Possible developments are paid stickers that serve as ads for new businesses and locations. Or the stickers will be searchable throughout the app to increase the reach of location-based content. We are excited to see where Instagram takes the format. It will be available for all iOS and Android users within the next few weeks.