New Instagram update allows users to include stickers in their Stories. Showcasing seasonal spirit, locations, weather and time makes for more diverse and creative Stories. The update is available for all users from now on.

Instagram has continuously been working on optimizing their Stories format. The last update was launched a few weeks ago and now right in time for the holidays, Instagram is back. With the new update, users can customize and be even more creative with their stories. After taking a picture or recording a video, you can add multiple kinds of stickers for locations, seasons and emojis to your Stories. Instagram is using this update to offer their users even more creative options for their Stories.


To give your own Stories a more personal and creative touch, you can add stickers to your content. After taking a picture of video, you can tap the smileyface-button and you will be presented with a variety of stickers. These are holiday specific or seasonal. Additionally, these stickers are for your locations, time and weather. Any sticker you choose can be customized regarding size. For location stickers, make sure your GPS is turned on. Afterwards you can either select the presented locations or search for a specific location. When users watch your Story, they can tap the location sticker and will be presented with further information about the place you are at. The holiday specific stickers are available for a few weeks and Instagram has already announced they will launch new stickers for the new year.

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Easier recording, more text and saving stories

A few new functions are also included in the new update. From now on, users can record videos for their stories with just one tap, instead of having to push down on the recording button the whole time. This will make videos for Stories easier to record, especially when you are trying to capture yourself in the videos as well. Additionally, users can now add as much text to their Stories as they want. Simply keep tapping the text button in your Stories and add the desired text. From now on, you can also align the text left, center or right. For iOS only is the new function that allows you to add your own Story from the last 24 hours as one whole video to your phone’s gallery. No word yet as to when this will be available for Android.

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