As Instagram is continuously becoming more important, everyone’s goal is the same: the perfect picture. Countless apps have been produced solely for the purpose of turning pictures into professional photos. Instagram itself has integrated basic editing tools and a variety of filters that are integrated in the app. Still, some other apps might be helpful to upgrade your content and should therefore be considered. Out of different apps we tried, we will introduce you to four of them which we liked the most.


When Instagram’s own filters do not sufficiently improve your picture, VSCO Cam is a great alternative. This app allows you to edit any picture from your phone’s gallery or take one using the app itself. After importing the chosen picture, basic editing tools are available. This includes the picture’s brightness and saturation. Overall, VSCO Cam’s focus is on filters. The app presents a variety of filters which can be used to improve a picture. When applying a filter, you can choose how distinct it should be. If the available filters are not enough, you can buy more in the app.

In our opinion this is not necessary though. The app includes enough filters to quickly edit your picture only using few finger movements. VSCO Cam’s advantage is that it is fast. As the tool only incorporates a few editing tools, pictures can be optimized quickly and easily. After the editing process, the picture is saved to the app’s own gallery. After this, you can choose to publish the picture directly on various social media or save and process it on other channels. At the same time, the picture is saved in an extra folder of your phone’s gallery.

Additionally, VSCO Cam is another community, as it enables the users to publish their pictures in the app itself. To do so, you have to create an extra account. If you solely using the editing tools of the app, an account is not necessary.

VSCO Cam is especially useful for quick edits and allows you to edit and publish high quality pictures quickly. The app is available for Android and iOS.

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2. Snapseed

Another free app is Snapseed. It allows you to edit your pictures in a more detailed manner. The apps functions also include basic editing tools and filters. If you are able to spend more time on the editing process you can achieve wonderful results. Every tool on Snapseed can be applied using only one finger. Next to the typical adjustments, you can change the picture’s perspective – this allows you to optimize crooked pictures.

The app enables you to use the app’s “brush”-feature to deliberately edit certain parts of the picture instead of changing it all. The app also includes filters. The large amount of filters can be customized individually, concerning the glow, saturation and warmth of each filter. Snapseed also allows the adding of text, using various colors and fonts to your liking. As the options are rather limited, we advise to you use Phonto for text-adding purposes.

Snapseed’s variety and complexity of tools will enable you to turn quick snapshots into true masterpieces. Still, be aware that this will take more time than using VSCO Cam. But the results definitely speak for themselves.

Snapseed is available for Android and iOS.

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3. Boomerang

Boomerang is not a photo editing app but as it is an amusing extra effect, we decided to include it, too. Using the app, you can capture any event as a short video. After you’re done recording, the app transforms it into a short video which will continuously repeat on Instagram. The video starts at the beginning and then repeats itself, only this time from end to start – just like a boomerang. After this, the video will automatically start again. Boomerang was designed by Instagram itself and offers a witty additional effect. This allows you to provide your followers with a variety of content. Boomerang’s short clips are a way of incorporating vivid insight into your company’s daily workings or a special moment you are a part of. The free app will also allow you to record in the dark, as a flash is also included. After you recorded your clip you can either save it to your phone’s gallery or directly publish on Instagram or Facebook.

Boomerang is  available for free for Android and iOS.

4. Phonto - Text on Photos

This app's name says it all: Phonto allows you to add any kind of text to your picture. All the pictures out of your phones gallery can be imported and edited. The app is fairly easy to handle but still well-rounde. You can chose from over 200 fonts. After you have added your text you can edit it in any way possible: chose your font, the font's size and color. Additionally, you can align your text and if needed you can tilt it.

Phonto is especially helpful when you want to publish informationen in the form of text instead of just a picture. It allows you to add the text carefully and in accordance with the picture you chose beforehand. The app is also appropriate to incorporate quotes and announcements of any kind. Any changes  you make throughout the editing process can be saved quickly. This way you can compare different versions of the text and chose the best one.

Phonto is also available for free for Android and iOS.

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