Social Media Analytics Provider Quintly published the results of their annual social media benchmarking survey. Instagram remains the winner for engagement, enabling the highest rates of growth and interaction rates.

Quintly, a service of social media analytics, conducts annual surveys regarding social media. The benchmarking survey is a helpful resource for social media managers and those responsible for marketing. This year, the survey included 222000 business profiles on the three largest social networks: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The key focus lay on the amount of shared content, interaction rates and the changes in the amount of followers. This way the general development of differently sized accounts could be monitored and analyzed. The survey was conducted in September of this year. The general results show that Instagram is the network with the highest potential for profile growth and interaction rates.

Posting behavior

The survey showed that out of all three networks, Instagram was the one with the least amount of content being shared. Regardless of the account’s size, the most content is always shared on Twitter, while Facebook is in second place. Instagram’s content quantity was always lowest. Interpreting these findings is fairly easy. A single tweet is only 140 characters long (not including photos, videos, GIFs or polls). This means, content shared on Twitter can be quickly be viewed. Users do not need to spend a large amount of time on a single tweet. Twitter accounts can therefore share multiple tweets within one day. Facebook content on the other hand is longer and more complex: users can share longer texts, videos, pictures etc. Taking in a single post on Facebook can take more time. Sharing too much content in one day can therefore be too overwhelming for followers. Instagram on the other hand revolves around polished highlights. Content shared on Instagram has usually been prepared for a long time, showcasing the most memorable and best insights. Most accounts therefore share content only when necessary and actually worthwhile, resulting in an overall smaller amount of content being shared.

Engagement rate

When it comes to the overall engagement rate on the social platforms, Instagram is also the winner. Important to note is that the engagement shrinks the larger an account gets. This is the case when accounts have more than 100.000 followers. Still, Instagram’s engagement rate is in all cases a lot higher than Twitter’s and Facebook’s. Twitter’s engagement rate is the lowest, with only a maximum of 0.31 when an account has less than 1000 followers. When accounts have more than 1.000 followers, the engagement rate on Facebook and Twitter is the same and always way behind Instagram. Instagram’s highest engagement rate is recorded for accounts that have up to 1.000 followers. Larger accounts have smaller engagement rates which is just the natural way of things on social media: way more people watch and go on than those who watch and show some sort of engagement.

Interaction rate

The average interactions per post are also highest on Instagram, regardless of the account’s size. In all cases Twitter is in third place. Facebook’s interaction rate is higher but still only a small proportion of Instagram’s. Interactions per post include comments, likes, re-tweets, shares happening under a specific post. Instagram’s interaction rate can be explained with multiple reasons. Users follow those accounts who share content that they are truthfully interested in. This way, their willingness to interact with content is higher. Additionally, captions that animate followers to share their opinion or ideas enhance further interactions.

What this means

Instagram has a large user base and the visual basis of the platform makes it easy to attract followers. Instagram will allow you to grow large follower bases and receive direct feedback in the form of interactions and engagement. Still, your industry should always determine which platform you focus on. Each platform comes with its own set of benefits and disadvantages. In terms of positive growth and interaction, Instagram is your best bet.