On Instagram, bloggers are staging their allegedly perfect life with shots of everyday life, which are most of the time just short extracts of the overall picture. But how does it look like behind all those filters and precise editing?

Wren Kitchens, a kitchen manufacturer, designer and retailer in the UK, engaged five influential parent bloggers to show the life behind their Instagram accounts. The result? Plenty of charismatically pictures, that every parent can identify with.

One blogger is Bridget (bridiebytheseam.com), together with her daughter Emma she was baking some Chocolate Chip Cupcakes for the campaign by Wren Kitchens. Her secret ingredient to get that perfect Instagram shot: hard work. „For me it’s all about balance, and enjoying the moment together regardless of the mess and chaos“, Bridget explains later on.

Bridget und ihre Tochter Emma genießen die perfekten Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. Quelle: bridiebythesea.com/Instagram: bridiebythesea

Bridget and her daughter Emma are enjoying perfect Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. Source: bridiebythesea.com/Instagram: bridiebythesea

The pressure of Social Media

Elfa, a blogger from London (californianmuminlondon.com), is talking about the pressure of expectations on Instagram blogs on her website. “There are so many pressures to make life look perfect and glossy, but I mainly ignore those pressures. It is tough enough being a mother these days“, Elfa is telling us on her blog. She wants to illustrate the reality versus the perception of blogging photos on Instagram through the campaign of Wren Kitchens.

Gemeinsam mit ihrem Sohn bereitete Elfa leckere Pancakes zu. Quelle: californianmuminlondon.com/Instagram: californianmuminlondon

Elfa is preparing some delicious Pancakes together with her son. Source: californianmuminlondon.com/Instagram: californianmuminlondon

Emma zeigt uns in ihrem Blog, wie sie gemeinsam mit ihren zwei Kindern ein gesundes Frühstück zubereitet. Quelle: theygrowsoquick.com/Instagram: sebsmummy83

Within her blog, Emma shows us how to prepare a healthy breakfast with her two toddlers. Source: theygrowsoquick.com/Instagram: sebsmummy83

In ihrem Blog bereitet Hannah mit ihrem Sohn Toby eine Blumenkohl-Pizza zu. Quelle: buddingsmiles.co.uk/Instagram: buddingsmiles

Hannah and her son Toby are cooking some cauliflower pizza. Source: buddingsmiles.co.uk/Instagram: buddingsmiles

Und auch Jack gibt uns in seinem Blog einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen seines perfekten Instagram-Accounts. Quelle: workingfamilyfood.com/Instagram: workingfamilyfood

And finally, Jack gives us some insights behind the scenes of his perfect Instagram account. Source: workingfamilyfood.com/Instagram: workingfamilyfood

Cover Photo: Unsplash