Good content is all about a smart idea and high quality. Regular Instagram content can be edited in numerous ways but do Stories offer the same potential? Yes, they do. Here are 7 secret tips and tricks for great Instagram Stories.

A good Instagram Story can be a very valuable marketing asset for your brand and business. The feature was one of the biggest new updates this year. Instagram keeps updating the feature and adding new options to enhance the new format. Still, some options aren’t mentioned enough or anywhere at all. This is why we decided to show you seven secret tips for your Instagram Stories.

1. Get better lighting

Especially during the dark winter days, taking high quality pictures with good lighting is nearly impossible. Instagram offers help on that front. Before taking a picture or recording a video, press the “moon”-icon in the bottom left corner. Your camera will now be able to capture the lighting better.

2. Latergram

Many believe that they can only upload images or videos they recorded right in the Stories-format. This is not true. Instagram lets you share images and videos to your Stories from your regular camera roll. The only limitation is that the images and videos can’t be older than 24 hours. To upload content from your camera roll, swipe down in the Stories-section and choose the image or video you want to share. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram will not display that the content was uploaded from your camera roll.

3. Zoom in a video

Instagram is unfortunately not kind enough to display that you can zoom in or out while you’re recording a video. Good news: you can. When recording a video for your Stories, simply move the finger you are recording with upwards to zoom in. If you want to zoom out again, just move the finger downwards. Important is to not let go, otherwise you will stop recording.

4. Differently colored text

Instagram lets you add text to your stories. You can add a text of your choice to your images and move it around. When adding text, it seems as if the whole text has to be written in the same color. We found out you can color every part of your text differently. Highlight the section you want to color differently as if you were going to copy it. Then choose the desired color out of the color panel.

5. Skip forward and backward

As some users tend to share the same Stories over and over again, watching their Stories can be a bit redundant. If you want to skip to another user’s story, simply swipe right and you will automatically start watching the next Story. If you change your mind and want to go back to the previous Story, simply swipe left and you can continue where you left off.

6. Create your own color

When you’re adding text to your Stories, you might be dissatisfied with the color options for the text. If you want to create a more unique color for your text, the Stories offers a simple option to do this. Type your text and then press down on one of the colors.  A panel of colors will open up and you can slide through it until you’re satisfied with the color. The typed-out text will automatically be colored in your desired color.

7. Pausing Stories

Some Stories are just loaded with information: numerous people, a new setting and text can be a bit overwhelming. If you want to examine the picture thoroughly, just tap your screen and hold your finger. The Story will be paused and you can take in all the details. Once you let go, the Story will automatically start back up.