The fact that having an Instagram account as a brand or business is of vital importance has been very well established by now. Instagram is great for a variety of reasons: you can interact with your customers, promote your product in a seemingly casual way and ultimately increase conversion rates and brand loyalty. Some accounts are especially successful in doing so which is why we present you 7 of the best brand or business accounts on Instagram!

1. GoPro

GoPro has turned itself into one of the most important must-haves for travelers, nature enthusiasts, athletes and basically anyone who enjoys great pictures and videos of their activities. The Instagram account is focused on promoting their own product in a simple manner: namely, by showing what it’s capable of. They share funny, inspiring and simply breathtaking content that immediately makes you want to buy your own GoPro and travel the world with it. What is great about their account is that it attracts all age groups as it features young people travelling just as much as adults in their thirties spending time with their toddlers. GoPro makes you believe that the world is your playground as it inspires activity and exploration. Their marketing strategy is simple but effective: instead of talking about how great their product is or sharing staged advertising shots they offer real insights into the possibilities that come with it.

2. Fjallraven

Fjallraven is a Swedish brand that is specialized in outdoor clothing, accessories and supplies. One of their best known products is the Fjallraven Kanken backpack. Their Instagram account very successfully constructs a way of living and travelling around the products. It mostly features amazing nature shots, mainly from Nordic regions, mountains, forests and lakes. From time to time they will share pictures of their products but always in combination with a beautiful landscape and authentic looking people wearing or using them. Fjallraven constructs a whole context for its products: it’s not just a tent, it’s a tent you take with you to climb mountains and see the polar lights. By actually taking their own equipment on long and exhausting missions they can promote the benefits and quality of their product without having to openly address them. Any account that successfully constructs a desirable lifestyle is making the most of Instagram.

3. Topshop

Fashion retailer Topshop does it all: they share outfit inspiration, animate their users to engage with the account, display basic product images, offer backstage insights and are a great example when it comes to sharing User-generated content. All in all, they definitely make the most of their account to support their brand. The content they share, how they caption it and the overall message they convey is always in accordance with the brand’s image: hip, young and trendy. Since they share such diverse content, the overall image of the account is close to a fashion magazine. Following the account is worthwhile because it is not just used as another outlet for the same content they share on other platforms. Due to the fact that they share multiple pictures or videos each day, they are able to construct a lasting and persistent brand awareness. As they currently have over 7.7 million followers, it’s clear that the way they run their account is very successful.

4. Frank Body

Frank Body is a brand of coffee-based skincare products from Australia. They focus on facial products and coffee scrubs. The account’s main objective is to promote the products by showing pictures of people using them. This is effective because followers receive insights into who has already used the products and also how they use it. Followers are presented with proof that real people are pleased enough with the product to share pictures of them using it on Instagram, this is effective word-of-mouth marketing. The account itself is rather girly which is simply based on the nature of the product. Still, the content is of high quality and quite charming in a stylish way. This makes the brand seem down-to-earth and allows interaction on eye-level. Due to the combination of product images, user-generated content, occasional quotes and alternative content like outfit inspiration or lifestyle-images the product itself is included in a large context, constructing a feeling of togetherness and connecting brand and customers.

5. Ben & Jerry’s

Most people know about Ben & Jerry’s and already love the ice-cream without needing advertisements to remind them about it. Still, Ben and Jerry’s shares creative and diverse content on Instagram. It includes a mixture of product images, contextual shots and User-generated content. Combined, this provides their followers with new recipes or combinations for the products and fun and diverse ways how the ice-cream can be a part of everyday-life. Occasionally, the shared pictures will include employees or customers at special events or when the account is addressing currently relevant topics like the upcoming election in the U.S. This is a positive example of how popular brands can use their prominence and influence to address fairly important issues.